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Senegal is situated in the most western headway of the African continent in the Atlantic Ocean, in the confluence of Europe, Africa and Americas, and in the crossroads of maritime and air roads. The surface is 196 722 km2, Senegal is limited to the North by the Mauritania, in the East by Mali, in the South by Guinea and Guinea Bissau, on the West by Gambia, and by the Atlantic Ocean on a 500 km facade. Dakar (550 km2), the capital, is a peninsula situated extremely the West About the vegetation, we have: Dry tropical Climate characterized by two seasons: a season dries from November till June and a rainy season from July till October. Three types of vegetation: forest in the South, the savanna in the center and the steppe in the North.

The population of Senegal counts 12 million inhabitants in 2008. More than 25 % of the population is concentrated in the region of Dakar. Other pole of concentration is the center of the country (the area of peanut culture) with more than 35 % of the population. The East of the country is very weakly populated. Senegal counts about twenty ethnic groups whose main clauses are wolof (43 %), Pulaar (24 %), and séréres (15 %). The foreigners represent approximately 2 % of the population. They are especially present in the capital Dakar where we meet them in the business, the industry, the services and the international bodies. We also meet them in the North and in the South of the country, in particular the nationals of the border countries.  

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